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Plavsko Lake

Plav, Montenegro

Plavsko lake

Plavsko Lake lies in peace surrounded by green meadows and low bushes, at the foothills of the mountains Prokletije and Visitor reflecting in the lake.Created at the end of the Ice Age, this glacier lake is located at approximately 900 meters above sea level. It is about three kilometres long, about two kilometres wide, and its maximum depth is nine meters. 

Of course, during the year water level changes and in the winter time the lake is frozen. For lovers of water sports this whole is an ideal place consisting of several pieces: the affluent Ljuča, Plavsko Lake, and backwater Lim, which flows into the river Drina. You can do swimming, sailing, kayaking and rafting but also fishing - now there are the following species in the lake: huchen, trout, pike, chub, barbel and nose carp. It is also possible to hunt game birds such as coots, grebes, ducks and wild waterfowl. 

There is a belief that water of Plavsko Lake has some medicinal properties.There are many legends about the origin of the lake. According to one of them, once upon a time there was a town in the valley where the lake lies now. St. Sava, who was very tired after the journey, decided to spend night in there and stayed in the house of a man called Janus. Janus was a good host but in the end decided to put a rooster into St. Sava’s bag and then accused him of theft. 

And St. Sava cursed Janus and said: "Be cursed and have no children and no gains, and let the water take you away!” At that moment water started running from all sides and flooded the town. And this is how the Plavsko Lake was made.

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