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Njegos Mausoleum On Lovcen

Cetinje, Montenegro

Njegos Mausoleum On Lovcen

At the very Jezerski vrh (Lake Peak), 1660m, as wished by Petar II Petrovic Njegos, the chapel was built during his lifetime. Prince Danilo fulfilled his behest to rest here, with the most distinguished Montenegrins carrying his remains to the summit, to the kingdom of lightnings. But his peace was not disturbed by lightnings alone. Jezerski vrh was first targeted by the Turks, and then Austrians, who brought the chapel to ground in 1916. A new one was built in 1924, but, more importantly the idea of construction of a more grandiose monument was born, designed by sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.

Mausoleum was opened in 1974. In order to reach it, one should go 20km from Cetinje and then climb 461 stairs. That road, like pilgrimage, is a unique experience.

At the entrance at the chapel, the central parts of the monument are two figures of Montenegrin women made of black granite, just like caryatides. Inside, six side niches and one central niche are made of marble form Boka and Brac. The vault is covered by mosaic of 200.000 gilded tiles. The sitting figure of Njegos, with an open book, is also work by Ivan Mestrovic. Marble sarcophagus of bishop Rade is simple, with chiselled cross and state coat of arms, the symbols of spiritual and secu-lar authority.


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