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National Park Biogradska Gora

Kolasin, Montenegro

National Park Biogradska Gora

Only six years after the first National Park has been proclaimed in the world (Yellowstone, 1872 in the USA), the area of Biogradska Gora has been protected too.

The protection of the river basin of the Biogradska river and Jezerstica dates back to the year of 1878, when Kolasin was liberated from the Turks and when the Montenegrin tribes (Moracko and Rovacko tribe) gave their part of the Biogradska gora forest to the ruler of Montenegro- Prince Nikola. Since that day on, those forests have been called „Knjazev zabran“.

Today, there are two protection levels of the area of Biogradska Gora- the National Park and UNESCOs biosphere reserve.

National Park Biogradska Gora is situated in the north-eastern part of Montenegro. It occupies the central part of the Bjelasica massif. The park covers the area of 5.650 ha, while the protected area covers 30.770 ha. The park occupies the municipalities of Kolasin, Mojkovac, Berane, Andrijevica and Bijelo Polje.

Biogrdska Gora is one of the last three virgin forests with the trees up to four centuries old, over 45 meters high and 150 centimeters wide.

The area of Biogradska Gora was proclaimed a National Park in 1952.

The most impressive part of the Park is the virgin forest named Biogradska Gora that is placed in its central part and that covers the area of 1.600 ha. This part of the Park is characterized by a great number of trees and it is a highly protected Nature Reserve.

Geological background of Bjelasica is made of mainly volcanic cliffs and it is specific for its numberous hydrological characteristics- six glacier lakes: Biogradsko, Pesica, Veliko and Malo Ursulovacko, Veliko and Malo Sisko.

Biogradsko lake is the biggest lake in the park and it is 1.094 m above sea level.

Water sources, brooks, rivers and glacier lakes are of great importance mountain microclimate.


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