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Mrtvica Canyon

Kolasin, Montenegro

Mrtvica canyon 

Mrtvica canyon is 35 km away from Kolasin, in the direction of Podgorica.

The whole Mrtvica canyon is 8 km long. The banks of the river Mrtvica, the right tributary of the Moraca river, are steep, high and abundant with vegetation. At certain places, they are more than 1100 m high. The narrow sandy path has carved its way through the canyon. Specially attractive are springs calld Bijeli nerini- White nerins.

On the Mrtvica river near Zeleni Vir- Green wortex, there is an old stone bridge built by prince knjaz Danilo II Petrovic as a memorial to his mother. The rivers cleanse waters abound with trout, huchen and other rare species.

The canyon of the river Mrtvica seems astonishing, almost terrifying in its wild beauty. It is unexplored and unknown party (for those who enjoy in nature there is marked way). Typical for deep canyon there are remains of ecosystems of the rain forest. It is perplexed with whirlpools: Zvona, Rikavica, White nerins, Jame and others.

Along the river bottom , enormous store blocks are scattered, which the river has shaped for millions of years.

Impressive beauty of Mrtvica canyon offer amazing adventure and for sure unforgetable deep impressions to anyone who visit it. So, welcome to descover astonishing beauty of Mrtvica canyon!

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