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Mountain Komovi

Kolasin, Montenegro

Mountain Komovi

Where the Tara and Lim rivers surface along the border with Albania, is a mountain massif considered the most impressive and fascinanting among aficionados.

It is as if the Prokletije mountain range had ventured north and posted two jagged bluffs with Kom Kucki, the main peak and Lijevorijecki Kom, a side peak to the west and Kom Vasojevicki, a side peak to the east. All peaks are more than 600 m higher than the surrounding plains and thus are the highest mountains in Montenegro and in the entire Dinaric Alps range.

A major advantage of this area is that it is compact with well marked trails. It is easy for hikers to keep their orientation as the main peaks serve as markers that can be seen from anywhere in the area and several day tours can be undertaken from the same starting point. Each tour has its own distinct charm allowing for a variety of combinations with other tours.

The entrance to the Komovi is the Stavna high plain that can easily be reached from the Andrijevica- Matesevo mountain road. This is also where the Eko katun village was created a few years ago. The village has become a hub for mountaineers and hikers and offers reasonably priced lodging in wooden cabins typical of the region and a small restaurant with a selection of regional delicacies.

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