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Monastery Moraca

Kolasin, Montenegro

Monastery Moraca

Monastery Moraca is situated 25 km from Kolasin. The church was built in 1252 by Stefan, son of king Vukasin and grandson of Stefan Nemanja.

According the legend, which is presented amoung the local people, this monastery was made of special yellow stone which is found in the area very far from the monastery. This stone was cared over hand to hand to this place.

The enterence to the monastery is surraunded by a high wall with 2 gates.

The most beautiful atraction of the monastery are its paintings, Raven feeds prophet Elaja. Only a small part of this paintings from the XVIth century now is saved.

In the XVIth century, monastery was distroied by the Turks, who took away the lead roof and also distroied the fresko paintings.

In the first halfs XVIIth century the monastery was painted by famous painters- Strahinja from Budimlje, Georgije Mitrofanovic and the master Kozma, who painted the small church of St. Stefan.

Only a few important ritual object and book have been saved in monastery, one of this is „Oktoih first voice“.

One of the most beautiful artistic treasure are the porch doors and naos. The monastery complex was made in Roman style and also Byzantine style.

Artistic beauty of the monastery is far famous mainly because of the freskoes Raven feeds prophet Elaja made in XVII century.

Author is unknown. Beautiful freskas and icons are placed next to the iconostasis: The Icon of the St. Sava and Icon of St Luka, hand of St Haralampije is saved in monastery.

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