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Medieval Fortress Medun

Podgorica, Montenegro


The village of Medun is situated about 12 kilometers north-east from Podgorica, in the Kuci area. It is known for monumental complex that consists of the remains of the Illyrian city Meteon, St. Nikola`s Church and the birthplace of Marco Miljanov, a hero and famous writer, now a memorial museum of the city.

Meteon was one of the centers of the Illyrian tribes Labeati that ruled the Lake Skadar basin. There was a late fourth or early third century BC, in hard ridge that dominates the Medun field. Today, the only visible parts of the massive defensive walls built in the so-called Cyclopean technique. Remains of the town of Medun, with occasional preserved corners and walls, mostly belong to the medieval Turkish fortress.
Among the remains of the fort is the church of St. Nikola, built in the early eighteenth century, according to tradition, on the foundations of an older church.

Next to the church, there are the tombs of Marko Miljanov and his wife Stefa and below, on the saddle-shaped ridge, birthplace of Marko Miljanov Popovic, warrior, statesman and writer, one of the most important figures in the Montenegrin history of the nineteenth century.

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