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Long Beach

Ulcinj, Montenegro

Long beach, Ulcinj

Ulcinj has the longest, most glorious beaches on the Adriatic coast, rivalling most other cities in terms of the sheer number of beaches.  Appropriately enough, the beach is called “Long Beach”!  You’ll begin your own tour of Ulcinj by immediately heading to the nearest beach, located in the center of town. Little Beach, as it’s called by the locals of Ulcinj – is quite small when compared to some of Ulcinj’s other masterful beaches. Although, the close proximity and sheer number of sun bathers give Little Beach an appeal all it’s own. Be careful - at Little Beach you’re likely to bump into someone you know after a long night out in Ulcinj!

Very close to Ulcinj is perhaps the most beautiful beach in Montenegro – Ada Bojana, a stunning sandy island in the middle of a river, with semi-private beaches and a reputation for exclusivity. Ada Bojana is near Ulcinj and easily accessible by car or bus. The island originally began to form in the 1800s when a ship called “Merito” sank near two small sandbars in the river. Sand began to accumulate and eventually helped to form Ada Bojana. While on your way to Ada Bojana you will see a large number of other beaches along the road from Ulcinj. Many of the minibus’ passengers will get off at these small beaches before arriving to Ada Bojana, and knowledgeable locals will seek-out their own beaches before arriving to Bojana because the island is quite exclusive and many of it’s beaches are private. However, if you’re discerning (or daring) enough to try it, Ada Bojana will not disappoint because its beaches are unparalleled in the area.   

Just imagine: the entire island encircled by white sandy beaches, a cool drink by the seaside awaits all who take the short journey.

Once back to Ulcinj, you can leave on foot and travel through enchanted stands of trees in both directions along the coast.  Many small beaches can be accessed by stone steps that you descend on your way to the sea, providing privacy for special occasions.

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