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Bjelasica Mountain

Kolasin, Montenegro

Bjelasica Mountain

The unique Bjelasica Mountain range is of geological interest due to the layers of prehistoric rock formations, that protrude from this mainly limestone mountain range. Only the conical peaks are partly covered by rugged limestone rocks, while in other areas of the mountain range the terrain is flatter, characterized by post-glacial valleys. It is interesting to note that the impermeable layers of rock enable water springs to remain throughout the entire year.

The administration and menagement of the Bjelasica mountain range falls under the jurisdiction of the five municipalities of Andrijevica, Berane, Bijelo Polje, Kolasin and Mojkovac.

Larger settlements can be found on the outskirts of this area only, and even the main roads and railway have been constructed in a wide arc around the Bjelasica mountain range so that there are no adverse and damaging effects from exhaust fumes and other environmental pollutants.

All of these factors have influenced the development of the Bjelasica region as an ideal area for recreational activities ranging from short novice treks to extreme mountain climbing. 

Bjelasica has something to suit everyone interested in outdoors pursuits, from families with children to the serious athlete. Bjelasica mountain is rich with creeks and lakes, enchanting plains and pastures and beautiful deep forest.

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